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7 Reasons Why Working Moms Should Consider Mediation Over Traditional Divorce

Guest blog post by Allison Maxim, a family law mediator at Maxim Law PLLC. Going through a divorce as a working mom can be tough. When you combine the emotional components of the process, the potential for financial loss, and the time commitment of an in-court divorce, you’ve have several opportunities for your divorce to become a messy, […]

Growing Up with Divorced Parents

This is an essay by Kendall Polidori, a finalist for the 2018 WeParent Scholarship. She is a student at Columbia College Chicago. Growing up with divorced parents shaped my life in ways that I would have never thought possible. My mom, raising me basically on her own, taught me the importance of being independent, dedicated, […]

Managing Holidays with Your Co-Parent

Holidays can be stressful for families – especially when you need to coordinate them with a co-parent after a divorce or separation. There are many times for you, your partner, or your children to become overwhelmed with the division of time. Here are 4 core ideas to keep in mind in order to handle the […]